Stainless Steel Balustrade

There is no barrier for innovation and creativity when it comes to steel balustrades. The balcony balustrade is just one example that can looks special with a custom designed steel balustrade or metal balustrade. The sturdy aluminium balustrades are power coated with a smooth finishing. The different types of balcony balustrade are nest, night owl, red night owl and twin oak.

The Tin Man is a perfect place to understand different designs of stainless steel balustrades and aluminium balustrades. The barriers of different designs can be followed by perfect cascade and spiral stair case. Anyone interested in a uniquely designed balustrade can view our individual samples and if you like them, you can enquire about the same or similar.

Decision making is a lot easier with a complementary visit from one of our professional metal makers. The visit is precious and we can get a better idea of what you would like and what fits your personality. Stainless steel balustrades can be in any shape or colour and not all balustrades match the surroundings, in some cases the better option on the balcony would be decorative outdoor screens instead of balcony balustrades, call today to book an appointment 0411 154 478.